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 Britain in Bloom
RHS Britain in Bloom is one of the largest horticultural campaigns in Europe with the year round aim of creating a more beautiful Britain. Entrants compete against each other within their area and then selected communities are nominated to compete against each other in the RHS UK finals.

RHS Britain in Bloom encourages cities, towns and villages to make the UK a more beautiful place to live through imaginative planting, cleanliness, sustainability and community effort.

There are categories in Britain in Bloom for every size of village, town and city.  Many Britain in Bloom entries are formed by community groups that are already established or are led by the local authority in the area.  Many are formed when a few motivated people get together to start a new group.  

'It's Your Neighbourhood' Awards

If you are a small group wanting to improve your local street, or focus on a particular project such as creating a community garden in a disused area, the Itís Your Neighbourhood scheme may be able to help you. This non-competitive initiative is for small, volunteer-led groups who are focused on cleaning and greening up their local patch. 

Itís free to enter and easy to get started in It's Your Neighbourhood

Read more about how to enter Itís Your Neighbourhood:

Britain in Bloom Information
The RHS Britain in Bloom campaign is a year-round initiative, which sees communities the length and breadth of the UK working to improve their local environments.

Communities of all sizes take part, from small villages to large cities. Some groups are entirely voluntarily run and some work in partnership with their local council.

Britain in Bloom Categories
Britain in Bloom has 13 entry categories, based on the population of the entry. Within each category communities of similar size are encouraged to compete with each other in the imaginative planting of trees, shrubs, flowers and landscaping and in dealing with issues of litter, graffiti, waste and vandalism.
Champion of Champions
Large City (population of 200,001 and over)
City (100,001-200,000)
Small City (35,001-100,000)
Large Town (12,001-35,000)
Town (6,001-12,000)
Small Town (2,501-6,000)
Large Village (1,001-2,500)
Village (301-1,000)
Small Village (under 300)
Urban Community
Coastal (under 12k)
Coastal (over 12k)
Britain in Bloom Regions
Anglia in Bloom
Beautiful Scotland
Cumbria in Bloom
Northumbria in Bloom
East Midlands in Bloom
South West in Bloom
Heart of England in Bloom
Wales in Bloom
North West in Bloom
Yorkshire in Bloom
London in Bloom
South & South East in Bloom
Put a Sparkle in YOUR Neighbourhood

Are your local streets in need of brightening up? Would you like to get to know your neighbours and make a difference in your community? The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is calling for entries to the Britain in Bloom Itís Your Neighbourhood Neighbourhood scheme, their campaign to encourage small volunteer-led communities to improve their local environments.

The scheme helps local people to work together to transform their surroundings. People taking part have reported a safer, cleaner and more attractive neighbourhood and a thriving community spirit.

RHS Britain in Bloom Chairman of Judges Roger Burnett says, ďSmall things can make a big difference. The Itís Your Neighbourhood scheme encourages communities to use sustainable planting to enhance their local streets; start recycling; promote biodiversity and care for their surroundings. Itís free to enter and open to all.Ē

Campaigner Mary Armstrong is one of five residents at the Irk Valley Estate Itís Your Neighbourhood community in Manchester who came together to overcome problems such as burned out and derelict buildings, vandalism and the general degradation of their housing estate. The small group secured funding from their council and got the other residents excited about making a difference, from there they were able to clean up and green up their small estate.

Mary says that fixing up the area has had a very positive impact on her fellow residents. ďThe flowers are just a very small part of what we have done Ė the social aspects are far more important. The whole thing has put the heart back into the community and people now take a pride in where they live. Itís changed the whole aspect on the estate. Everyone is doing their bit to make the area outside their houses look clean and tidy, with planters filled with flowers and hanging baskets on display.Ē

The Itís Your Neighbourhood scheme is organised by the RHS, the UKís leading gardening charity, and is part of the wider Britain in Bloom initiative, supported by Anglian Home Improvements.
  Top Tips from RHS Britain in Bloom Judges
  Plant climbers at the base of walls that regularly suffer from graffiti.

  Plant shrubs at the junction of pathways where people shortcut over the grass.

  Offer to build some raised beds in the garden of the local sheltered accommodation.

  Form a group to help elderly people maintain their front gardens.

  Look out for bits of abandoned land, they often have self seeded saplings growing on them, ask the landowner if you can manage this land for wildlife.

  Offer cuttings and divisions to your neighbours, develop a seed swap with fellow gardeners and split packets of seeds.

  Talk to your neighbour about replacing the fence with hedges or shrubs.

  Negotiate with your local supermarket to manage a flower bed or two in their car park to develop a more diverse display.

  Remove some of the paving on the drive-way and plant up with ground cover.

  Plant a mini meadow in a neglected area.

  Offer to help maintain a school garden during the holidays.

  Encourage your local council to plant more trees and have an Ďadopt a treeí scheme.

  Identify street furniture that is defunct and could be removed by the council.


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