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Gardening Diary - August
  Order your Autumn Bedding Plants
  Continue weeding & hoeing.
  A good month for cutting hedges.
  Cut & dry herbs.
  Take cuttings of lavender, rosemary and sage. Pot up and put in a shaded cold frame.
  As early crops are used dig & refertilise the ground for replanting.
  Sow spring cabbage, winter lettuce, onions & spinach.
  Plant winter green crops.
  Earth up kale, leeks etc.
  At the end of the month lift onions & expose to sun to dry.
  Feed asparagus beds.
  Watch out for caterpillars.
  Remember to pick your vegetables regularly.
  Pinch back gooseberries.

  Cut out fruited wood on peaches, nectarines & blackcurrants.
  Thin out apples whilst they are small. If the fruits are too close together you will get several small fruits, thinning out will produce larger fruit.
  Plant new beds of strawberries.
  Continue training apples & pears.
  Summer prune pear trees, so that all side-shoots are shortened back to six leaves.
  Reduce raspberry canes to 5 a plant.
Plants & Flowers
  Dead head your flowers.
  Plant early spring bulbs outside.
  Lift, divide & replant irises.
  Plant out plugs of wildflowers where you intend them  to become naturalised in grass.
  Continue spraying roses for mildew, greenfly & black spot.
  Larger single chrysanthemums should be disbudded.
  Roses - dead-head regularly.
Trees & Shrubs
  Semi-ripe cuttings will root for next spring.
  Prune rambling roses & wisteria.
  Continue mulching with bark, compost or topsoil.
  Evergreens can be layered & hedges trimmed.
  Take cuttings & layers of shrubs.
  Continue cutting & edging or install lawn edging.
  Dig over ground where a new lawn will be sown at the end of the month.
  Last feed should be applied in the middle of the month.
  Watch for low night temperatures and condensation as this encourages mildew.
  Keep ventilated.
  Pinch out tips of tomatoes & stop watering & feeding.
  At the end of the month empty greenhouse and thoroughly clean.
  Bring in house plants and tender exotics from outside.
  Feed & water for winter growth.
  Keep in a cool shady place.
  Clear out any surface weed & debris.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - August

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Gardening Diary - August - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - August

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