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Gardening Diary - December
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  Weed and clean paths, patios & drives.
  Now is the time to plant Garlic Bulbs
  Service and clean your tools & machinery.
  Clean containers, pots and planters.
  Continue earthing up leeks & celery.
  Continue to use winter vegetables.
  Check vegetables in storage and discard anything rotten.
  Dig over ground when frost free but do not add fertiliser.
  Sow some broad beans in a sheltered spot.
  Never prune when freezing but do so at any other time.

  Check all stakes & ties and 'firm in' any loose plants.
  Finish any root pruning.
  Remove fruited canes of blackcurrants.
  Apply tar oil winter wash if you haven't already.
  Thin fruiting spurs of apples, pears & gooseberries.
Plants & Flowers
  On fine days continue to plant wallflowers & polyanthus.
  Do not bring indoor flower bulbs into the light until the flower head is out.
  Winter flowers should be protected against drip & slug damage.
Trees & Shrubs
  Complete planting deciduous shrubs.
  Pruning of roses should be completed by now but hardy climbers on walls can still be pruned.
  Keep shrubs well firmed in against wind rock.
  Repair edges. Installing lawn edging will prevent further damage.
  New turf can be laid (if mild) but keep off when wet.
  Keep off the lawn when wet.
  Clean up and disinfect your greenhouse.
  Winter flowering plants can be fed regularly.
  Do not feed leafy house plants.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - December

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Gardening Diary - December - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - December

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