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Gardening Diary - January
  Check tree ties & plant supports for wear.
  Last chance to plant Garlic Bulbs
  Lift & frost rhubarb crowns for forcing.
  Order seed potatoes this month.
  Box up seed potatoes with the rose end uppermost.
  In mild areas sow broad beans.
  If pruning is necessary cut out dead wood in all types of fruit trees.

  Remove big buds on blackcurrants.
Plants & Flowers
  Tidy borders & fork lightly between perennials.
  Sweet peas - Pinch out the tips of seedlings raised from autumn sowings to encourage sideshoots to form bushy plants.
  Continue planting bare-rooted roses. Avoid planting new roses where old ones have been removed, unless the soil is replaced and conditioned, to avoid diseases.
  Check corms and tubers in store for signs of rot or deterioration. Remove diseased ones and sprinkle good ones with 'Bordeaux Mixture' to prevent disease attack.
Trees & Shrubs
  This is a good time to move shrubs that are growing in the wrong place or those that have outgrown their position. Aim to lift established plants with as large a rootball as possible. Prepare the soil in the new planting hole well, digging compost deeply into it. Firm the soil around the transplanted shrub, and provide a stake for support if required. Water in well and mulch with bark or compost. It may be necessary to prune out a few shoots from very large transplanted shrubs, as the damaged root system may not be able to support them.
  Be ready to brush snow from evergreen shrubs and conifers, as the weight can weigh down and damage their branches.
  Check your frost protection on new or non hardy shrubs.
  Mulch Azaleas, Rhododendrons etc.
  Brush off dead leaves & twigs.
  Rake mossy & weedy areas.
  Service your mower.
  Deter children & pets from using the lawn when its wet.
  Sow leeks, onions, carrots, lettuce.
  Sow annuals for early flowering.
  Clean & fumigate staging & pots.
  Take cuttings of late chrysanthemums.
  Keep plants on the dry side and in the best possible light.
  Bring in winter jasmine, daphnia, American current etc. to flower inside.
  Keep winter-flowering house plants in a cool position in good light to extend their flowering season, avoiding draughts or any dry hot spots, such as on a table by a fire or radiator. Move tender plants from cold windowsills at night and bring them into the centre of the room.
  Do not rush bulbs into light wait until the leaves and flowers can be seen.
  Float a ball on the water to assist aeration in icy periods.
  Keep water clear of debris.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - January

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Gardening Diary - January - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - January

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