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Gardening Diary - July
  Weeding and watering needs to be done regularly.
  Mow your lawn at least once a week.
  Deadhead faded flowers.
  Hanging baskets will dry out on a daily basis, water or add a drip irrigation system.
  Trim privet hedges.
  Sow beet, carrot & lettuce.
  Plant out broccoli, winter cabbage, leeks, sprouts and kale for winter use.
  Plant out indoor raised leeks for winter harvesting.
  Pinch out the tips of broad bean shoots to prevent blackfly.
  Protect summer cauliflowers by bending leaves over the curd.
  Lift shallots.
  When early crops are lifted and used replace with winter vegetables or successive sowings of lettuce and radish.
  Fruit Bushes - Cover with cages & netting to keep birds off.

  Currants & Raspberries prune after fruiting.
  Strawberries - Replace damp or old straw with new under any new fruit.
  Apples - Thin out apple fruitlets for bigger crops and the prevention of sagging and snapping of branches.
  Prune new blackberry canes.
  Train cordons, fans, espaliers etc.
Plants & Flowers
  If necessary - Lift and divide flag irises after flowering.
  Divide clumps of congested primulas and polyanthus.
  Remove faded flowers.
  Plant out biennials.
  Cuttings - Take cuttings of hydrangeas, philadelphus, fuchsia, pyracantha, wiegela ,pelargoniums, violas & pansies. Divide polyanthus, arabis etc.
  Roses - Deadhead and pick off any leaves with disease. Remove any diseased leaves that have fallen off around the base, bin or burn these - do not compost.
  Support tall flowers like gladioli, foxgloves and delphiniums.
  Water gladioli and sweet peas generously.
  Carnations can be layered.
  Trim back spring flowering alpines.
Trees & Shrubs
  Trim privet hedges and clip evergreens.
  Prune deutschia & wiegela.
  Now is a good time to layer shrubs of all kinds inc. shrub roses.
  Cut & weed regularly.
  Trim edges. Installing lawn edging will prevent further damage.
  Water and feed.
  Watch out for greenfly - pick off and squash between fingers or used a soap based spray. Add some washing up liquid to water in a sprayer, shake well for froth and spray.
  Damp down on hot days (cover floor with water).
  Prevent scorching by putting up netting blinds or shade painting.
  Tomatoes - Pinch out the tops of tomatoes if tall enough and remove any sideshoots. Feed with a high potash liquid feed to encourage fruit.
  Train crops to canes or supports and tie in any sideshoots.
  Begonias - Pot on to slighlty larger pots.
  Cuttings - Take cuttings of sutera, argyranthemum, osteospermum, nepeta, scaevola, nemesia, helychrysum and other summer bedding plants.
  Sow auriculas for inside use.
  Project - Add guttering and a water butt to your greenhouse for chlorine free water.
  Remove blanket weed and duckweed from ponds, leave at edge of pond for a couple of hours for any resident wildlife to crawl back in the water. Clean out pond filters every week or so. Top up falling water levels with rainwater not tap water using a water butt.
  Give your bird tables and feeders a good clean. Keep a look out for nesting birds in hedges and climbers before trimming. Check lawn for frogs and newts before mowing and strimming.
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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - July

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Gardening Diary - July - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - July

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