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Gardening Diary - November
  Great time of year to plant all fruit trees.
  Dig over the soil and keep collecting compost materials.
  Now is the time to plant Garlic Bulbs
  Apply a mulch of manure to your borders.
  Use a garden shredder to make a mulch for next year.
  Protect non hardy plants from frost with cold frames etc.
  Browse our Christmas Gift Ideas.
  Lift celery, leeks and sprouts.
  Remember to pick sprouts from the bottom up and removing any dead or yellow leaves.
  Collect stakes and bean poles, wash & store for next year.
  Dig over unused soil. Manure if necessary.
  Sow broad beans for an early crop.
  Think about next years rotation.
  Collect dead roots for composting.
  All fruit trees can be planted about now.

  Mulch young trees.
  Loganberries can be pruned by cutting out dead wood.
  Apply grease bands to trees when dormant.
  Prune apple and pear trees.
  Check all supports eg. stakes, ties, canes etc.
  Spray peaches against peach leaf curl.
  Weed strawberries.
Plants & Flowers
  Rockery seed can be sown in a seed bed.
  Biennials, such as Sweet William or wallflowers can be planted in Spring bedding.
  Divide & replant Lily of the Valley.
  Remove fallen leaves for composting from rockeries & borders.
  Protect Delphinium crowns from slugs
  Lift Chrysanthemums and store in a cold frame.
  Cut down & divide Hollyhocks.
  Plant Tulips
  Continue to dig and rake the soil.
  Apply a mulch of manure to your borders.
Trees & Shrubs
  Plant Roses in well prepared soil.
  Prune climbing roses & check supports.
  Take cuttings of Holly, Aucuba and laurels and put in cold frame.
  Sow seeds of trees & shrubs.
  Hedges can now be planted.
  Spike & top dress with coarse sand.
  Prepare a new lawn now by digging over.
  Continue mowing if dry.
  Now is a good time to lay turf and damaged areas can be repaired with lawn seed.
  Clean off all shading & wash down.
  Sow annual seeds for next year.
  Feed Auriculas & Primulas.
  Prune greenhouse shrubs.
  Take cuttings of Coleus and fibrous rooted Begonias.
Put up nest boxes for next year.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - November

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Gardening Diary - November - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - November

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