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Gardening Diary - October
  Order your Winter Bedding Plants
  Browse  Christmas Gift Ideas.
  Another good time of year to treat your fence panels with preservatives.
  Tidy up and fork any spare ground.
  Continue to plant winter lettuce and spring cabbage.
  Continue to earth up celery & leeks.
  Protect cauliflowers by bending a leaf over the curd.
  Hoe between vegetables & check for slug damage & disease.
  Cut over asparagus beds.
  When storing onions remove loose scales as this is where mould begins.
  Tidy and clean out cold frames ready for use.
  Remove old plant remains for composting. Burn any diseased crops.
  Take semi-ripe cuttings of herbs and protect them under cloches.
  Sow broad beans under cloches
  Use supports for brussels sprouts, as they can be blown over by high winds.
  Dig up and pot on chicory roots to force into chicons in the dark.
  Plant new fruit trees or shrubs.

  Take cuttings of gooseberries & blackberries.
  Prune gooseberries & cane fruit.
  Tidy up broken or diseased branches.
  Grease band apples & cherries.
  Spray peaches against leaf curl.
  Control woolly aphids.
  Remember - that apples in storage should be wrapped separately, but pears should not be wrapped at all.
  Now is the time for root pruning.
Plants & Flowers
  Plant crown imperials, wallflowers, forget-me-knots, polyanthus etc and firm well in.
  Tidy up & trim flowerbed perennials.
  Make a final sowing of hardy annuals.
  Take cuttings of penstemon, calceolaria & hydrangea.
  Move sweet peas which have germinated under glass to the cold frame.
  Divide herbaceous perennials.
  Sow alpines in the cold frame.
  Continue to plant bulbs especially tulips.
Trees & Shrubs
  Mulch azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias with ericaceous compost.
  Continue to plant evergreen trees & shrubs, also permanent climbers like clematis & wisteria.
  Take hardwood cuttings.
  Continue to remove dead wood.
  Continue to mow when the lawn is dry.
  Now is a good time to lay turf and damaged areas can be repaired with lawn seed.
  Rake out moss & aerate by spiking.
  If necessary apply a dressing of sharp sand to improve soil & drainage.
  Sow annuals for next year.
  Pot up rooted cuttings.
  Indoor bulbs can be planted and kept cool.
  Be careful not to over water.
  Clean your greenhouse glass and in cold areas line the windows with bubble wrap for extra insulation.
Put up nest boxes for next year.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - October

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Gardening Diary - October - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - October

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