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Gardening Diary - September
Order your Autumn Bedding Plants
Order your Spring Flowering Bulbs for planting now.
 Start collecting leaves for composting.
Lift & store root vegetables before they lose their quality.
Leave the roots of pea & bean plants in the soil to increase fertility.
Sow main crop of Japanese onions.
Trim parsley to encourage fresh shoots.
Earth up celery & winter greens.
Break up new soil for next years crop.
If there are signs of slugs or wireworms lift potatoes.
Tidy up & plant strawberries.

Cut out old fruited raspberry wood.
Prune peaches after harvesting the fruit.
Blackcurrants can also be pruned & cuttings taken.
Prune off & burn mildewed tips of gooseberries.
When the fruit is ripe, apple pips are black.
Clean & tidy the fruit store.
Plants & Flowers
Bulb planting can be started. Now is the perfect time to plant Alliums, Anemones, Convallaria, Crocus, Cyclamen, Fritillaria & Snowdrops 
Perennials & biennials sown earlier can be transplanted.
Lift summer bedding for over wintering.
Sow sweet peas & hardy annuals in pots.
Start seed collecting making sure seed is ripe. Store in a cool dry place in paper bags (never plastic).
Weeding is very important this month.
Clear away withered annuals.
Divide any layered plants and plant layers in cold frame.
Divide Saxifrage, Sweet Williams and Flag Irises.
Lift & store Dahlias & Gladioli.
Plant Christmas roses in a cool deep soil.
Trees & Shrubs
Plant conifers & evergreens.
Trim ramblers & hedges.
Shrubs can be moved at this stage if you take a large root ball.
Hardwood cuttings of hardy shrubs can be taken.
Continue killing weeds & aerate. Aerators.
Top dress with sharp sand.
Use lawn fungicide if you see any signs of disease.
New lawns can be sown around the middle of the month. Lawn Seed.
Now is a good time to lay turf and damaged areas can be repaired.
Plant bulbs in pots and put in a cool place.
Pot plants should be bought in for the winter.
Sow early vegetables.
Begin to withhold water from Gloxinia & Begonia.
Remove fallen leaves from pond.
Put up nest boxes for next year.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - September

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Gardening Diary - September - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - September

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