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Gardening Diary - June
  Most indoor plants can now be put on the patio or plunged into borders.
  Continue weeding & watering where necessary.
  Continue successive sowings.
  Asparagus can be cut until the end of this month & then left alone.
  Plant out sprouts, cauliflowers, marrows, tomatoes & leeks.
  Stake & pinch out runner beans & tomatoes.
  Earth up late potatoes.
  Thin rows of crops when overcrowded.
  Watch out for cabbage root fly & carrot fly & dust if necessary.
  Weed, water & thin surplus fruit.
  Propagate strawberries from unwanted runners. Keep an eye on slug damage.

  Spray against raspberry beetle, apple scab & codling moth.
  Mulch raspberries & currants.
  Begin summer pruning of apples & pears.
  Thin peach fruits.
Plants & Flowers
  Continue dead heading.
  Cut back early flowering herbaceous plants in order to produce a late crop of flowers.
  Take cuttings of pinks & rock roses.
  Finish planting out half hardy annuals like dahlias.
  Divide may flowering perennials.
  Pinch out early flowering chrysanthemums.
  Sweet peas should be checked & staked.
  Biennial seedlings can be set out in rows.
Trees & Shrubs
  Spray roses to protect against mildew & black spot.
  Remove rhododendron seed pods & mulch after rain.
  Plant out hardy and standard fuchsias.
  Continue cutting.
  Apply a feed and weed.
  Test the RCD socket/plug for your lawnmower, hedge cutters etc. If you don't have one certainly consider buying one.
  Fork in sharp sand where water collects.
  Improve ventilation & shade if necessary.
  Water morning & night.
  Thin peaches & grapes.
  Winter flowering bulbs can be dried off & rested.
  Tub roses can pruned & tied up for next year.
  Carry on watering & feeding.
  Keep an eye on wilting & pests.
  Spray leaves with a fine water mist.


Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - June

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Gardening Diary - June - Let's Go Gardening

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Let's Go Gardening - Gardening Diary - June

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